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PLN 500 for a child, including a disabled child. 10 questions you should know the answer to!

There are various demonstrations. For raises, for jobs, for animal rights...
And we invite you to a PEACEFUL and POSITIVE MANIFESTATION of the dreams of parents of children with autism.

Where and when?

5.11, 12:00, Grzybowski Square in Warsaw

The goal?

We want to tell the whole world about the unique dreams of parents of children with autism. We want to show how many such dreams there are. And how many are you - wonderful parents and caregivers. Together with you, we want to look for Angels who will help us make these dreams come true. That is why on November 5 we see each other in Warsaw! There, during the MANIFESTATION OF DREAMS, each of you will be able to write your dream related to your child, show it to the whole world and speak it really loudly.

Why now?

Because soon we will have the PREMIERE of JiM's FIRST TELEVISION CAMPAIGN, in which parents of children with autism, will FOR THE FIRST TIME, SPEAK UP about their dreams. Also with the help of this campaign, we will be looking for Donor Angels who will surround the JiM Foundation children with permanent care.

Therefore, we ask you: bring your children, bring your grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles and, most importantly, bring the power of positive energy to the MANIFESTATION OF DREAMS IN WARSAW!

See you there!

The "Family 500+" project is a support system for families.
Learn how to take advantage of it and find out the answers to parents' most pressing questions.

1 Who can receive the benefit?
Parents and guardians of children up to
theage of 18 will benefit. A family with two underage children will be able to receive PLN 500 for the second and subsequent children regardless of income. In the case of families with a net income of less than PLN 800 per person, the family will also receive support for the first or only child.

For families with a disabled child, the income criterion is higher at PLN 1,200 net. Additional support in the amount of PLN 500 will also be given to foster families and family children's homes for each child, based on the Act on Support for the Family and the System of Foster Care.

According to the bill adopted by the Parliament on February 11, income is considered to be the amount referred to in the regulations on family benefits, excluding child care benefit. Therefore, the nursing benefit is also not included!

2 Who is the income criterion when applying for the benefit?
The income criterion will apply only to parents or guardians applying for the benefit for the first child. Basic income data will be able to be obtained by the municipality itself, in which case it will not be necessary to attach this information.

3 How to submit an application?
The application will have to be submitted once a year. It will be possible to do so online or in person at the municipality. Those applying for support for the first child, will document the income situation by attaching an appropriate income statement to the application. When the family will apply for the benefit for the second and subsequent children only, there will be no need to document the income situation.
Only the benefit for the first child will depend on the income criterion, in which case it will be necessary to confirm every year that this threshold has not been exceeded.

4 From when can applications be submitted?
Applications will be able to be submitted from April 1, 2016, i.e. from the start of the program. If the application is submitted within the first 3 months, parents will get compensated retroactively from April 1. It will be possible to join the program at any time.

5. can single parents also receive the benefit?
Any family will receive the benefit regardless of the marital status of the parents.
Thus, it will be received by families in which the parents are married, as well as single-parent families and parents in informal relationships. Single-parent families, in addition to the parental benefit, can also receive benefits paid from the Alimony Fund or a special supplement under the Family Benefits Act.

In the case of parents who divorce, the benefit will accrue to the parent who resides with the child and on whom the child is dependent.

6 What in the case of a family with a disabled child?
In the case of a disabled child, the income criterion for the first child will be PLN 1,200. It is important that dependent children up to the age of 25 will be taken into account in the composition of the family. In addition, also included will be children who have reached the age of 25 and have a severe disability certificate, if they are entitled to a nursing benefit or special care allowance or a guardian's allowance in connection with this disability.

7. will parents get 500 zlotys for a second child, in case the first child has turned 18, but is still dependent on them?
A child under 25 who still lives with his parents is included in the calculation of per capita income in the family. As a result, his younger brother or sister can continue to receive support if the per capita income does not exceed PLN 800 (PLN 1,200 for a disabled child).

8 Does the bill provide for control over the spending of allocated funds?
The draft law contains mechanisms that can be used in extraordinary situations to prevent the waste of benefits or to prevent the benefit from being spent contrary to its purpose. This will be the same as the solution that has been in effect for many years in the Law on Family Benefits.

9. 500 plus and other benefits for families?
ThePLN 500 parental benefit will not be counted in income when determining the right to benefits from other support systems, this applies in particular to the nursing allowance and nursing benefit (we remind you that these two benefits are not subject to income criterion), social assistance benefits, alimony fund, family benefits, housing allowances. This change was made at the stage of inter-ministerial consultations.

10 What will be the duration of the right to the benefit?
The right to the benefit will be determined for a period of 1 year - from October 1 to September 30. Applications will be able to be submitted from August 1 of a given year. However, the first period of the parental benefit will be longer, from April 2016 until September 30, 2017. This will ensure that parents will not have to submit two applications when the Program comes into effect.

Source: Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy

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