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Autistic Proud. Together!

On June 18, we celebrate Autistic Pride Day. The holiday was established in 2005. It is meant to break down the myths and stereotypes associated with autism and make it clear to the public that this one should never be a cause for shame. The holiday was created by people on the spectrum who want autism to stop being considered a disorder and become a widely accepted form of difference.

Pride in who one is is of great importance for every person. In the case of autistic people, its role is greater. Not only does it positively affect one's mood and increase self-confidence, but it also helps break stereotypes. A proud person on the spectrum is the best showcase for the whole community and at the same time a representative who, with his attitude, leads to a change in the outlook on autism in society.

Such a representative can be any of you! Pride can be shown in many ways, and we encourage you to participate in our online action. To participate, all you have to do is take a photo of yourself with our special hashtag #dumaA and upload it to social media tagging the JiM Foundation.

Those who have already joined the campaign can be seen on our social media.

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