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Autism. Covid-19 Your Story

Autism. Covid-19 Your Story

We know that the epidemic is a time when the problems of autistic people are compounded and it can be very hard for you right now. That's why we are asking you to write how the current situation is affecting you and your loved ones. The story you write will not only help us convince the authorities to support certain legislation, but it can also be helpful in showing why people with autism their parents and caregivers need more support. By presenting real stories, we can point to the need for specific changes.

Please share your story!

Describe your experience during COIVD-19

In 2-3 sentences, write your story related to autism. Then write which of the following 3 legislative priorities affects you and creates problems in your current situation:

- Increased operating costs

- Lack of educational support for students with autism

- Need to expand online / remote / remote health care services

- No possibility of obtaining a disability certificate

- Lack of support from the employer

- Lack of information on how to support your child so that his functioning does not deteriorate

Also write whether you use additional services, support during the pandemic.

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