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Autism. Stop discrimination at school

All children should go to school. Is there anyone who would not subscribe to this slogan? There are countries in South America, Asia, Africa where every day there is a struggle for every child to go to school.

In the daily disputes between parents and female pedagogues, psychologists, headmasters and school principals, a similar battle is being fought in Polish schools. In hiding.

In an ideal world, every child goes to school. Regardless of the degree or type of disability, they have a place in it. Classes are adapted to their needs. Teachers trained. Assistants available. A garland of specialists to help. And parents of other children understanding and supportive.

In an ideal world, individual teaching is for kids who can't make it to school. Because they are seriously ill, have had an accident, or are so disabled that they can't get out of bed.

There is a place in the school for the other children. In every school.

This is how it should be in an ideal world.

But we are in Poland.

Here it is difficult to adapt classrooms to the needs of children. Teachers are unable - and often unwilling - to work with every child. There is not enough money for aids and assistants. Not to mention specialists.

Such a school pushes the student home. And the parent often accepts it. Because there is no choice. For such a parent and such a student, individual instruction at home and the opportunity to participate in some school activities is an opportunity. A chance to interact with teachers, with classmates, with the school.

Dear Minister of Education. This opportunity must not be taken away from our parents.

It is unfortunate that our action "Autism STOP discrimination at school". from four years ago is still relevant. And just as then under the Ministry building we could chant slogans:

Autism at school. I prefer it that way.


Our children want to go to school.

Four years have passed. And so little has changed.

Tomasz Michalowicz, president of the JiM Foundation

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