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Is it autism? Screening tests


Want to find out if your child has autism? Or are you looking for a tool to assess the likelihood of autism in you or another adult? Our tests will allow you to initially find out if you have autism and take further steps toward diagnosis with JiM Foundation specialists. Below you will find screening tests for children and teens, as well as for adults. For a child aged 16-30 months, take the M-CHAT-R test, which is based on observations of the child's developmental patterns within social and communication skills. For children aged 4 and older and adults, we provide the AQ Tests, which assess the rate of autism spectrum disorder in different age groups. Note the age ranges next to the AQ Tests and click the appropriate link. The AQ Tests were developed at Cambridge's Autism Research Centre. Remember that a test is not a diagnosis. The role of the tests is to check the existence of its probability of autism, and the result determines whether to report for diagnosis to specialists.


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Tests to be completed by the parent:

Self-completion tests: