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KRS 0000127075

Become a partner

Let’s build a better world for autistic people together with your company


Use the potential of your company and show others that it is good to help out. Autistic people may be supported in many ways – each time, the offered support will be adapted to the potential of the Partner. As a foundation, we have extensive and reliable expertise in CSR, and we can put it to good use together with your company. Through business cooperation, we are improving the availability of diagnosis everywhere in Poland, and we carry out educational activities, which are so crucial for the common understanding of autistic people. Contact us and let’s do something good together.

You already know you want to help but you do not know how? Here are several ways you can use to build a better world for autistic people TOGETHER with us.


What will you get as a company?


  • Satisfaction from being involved in and promoting a good cause
  • Improving awareness as a socially responsible employer
  • Opportunity to receive the mark of a company friendly to autistic people
  • Being included in large-scale event communications distributed by the Foundation
  • Opportunity to deduct the donations you make from tax


You already know that your company would like to help us build a better world for autistic people, but you do not know what we could do TOGETHER?
Or perhaps you already have some form of collaboration in mind?
Write to us, and we will be happy to discuss your ideas: