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It was thanks to you that all of Poland was once again in the Blue! Thank you

We have succeeded once again! Thanks to you, on April 2, on World Autism Awareness Day, we once again made all of Poland pay attention to our children and people with autism. This time the Poland in Blue campaign had the slogan: "Autism. Know before you judge", and its effects, huge response and scale exceeded our dreams. We thank you very much for this!

We took a very substantive approach to this year's campaign. Just before the finale, we published the JiM Report.
"Child with Autism. Access to diagnosis, therapy and education in Poland". Our Report describes the dramatic situation of children with autism and their parents. It shows, for example, that the National Health Fund spends money on diagnosis and therapy for children with autism without a plan, without any strategy, and that as many as 72% of parents of children with ZA and half of parents of children with autism have been summoned to school on the pretext that their child "is naughty." We are doing everything we can to change this and raise awareness about autism and related problems. Among other things, this is why we are organizing the Poland in Blue campaign.

You made us shine all over the country! Hundreds of people, several thousand places across Poland and nearly half a thousand schools, kindergartens, foundations, associations, public institutions and companies joined Poland in Blue. The Ministry of National Education, the Ombudsman for Children and the Ombudsman for Civil Rights also joined the campaign - the seats of these institutions lit up blue, as did the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy. The campaign was also supported by the Ministry of Health and, as every year, by the President of the Republic of Poland, who illuminated the Presidential Palace in blue.

As a sign of solidarity with autistic people, several hundred well-known buildings also flashed blue,
including the Palace of Culture in Warsaw, municipal offices throughout Poland, shopping malls including Manufaktura and Złote Tarasy, hotels: the Warsaw Radisson Blu Sobieski, the Park Inn by Radisson Krakow Hotel, the Copernicus Science Center, the Radiostation in Gliwice and many others.

To all institutions, schools, foundations, companies, thank you very, very much! Supporting our campaign is a very important gesture for children and adults with autism.

But that's not all! Throughout Poland, we organized several hundred unique events.
You could meet us, among others, in Zlote Tarasy in Warsaw, in Manufaktura in Lodz and in Silesia's well-known Forum Gallery in Gliwice, where in the evening during the grand finale we shone for the first time with the help of JiMApp a special application for the phone. You could take a unique photo

And for those who wanted to get to know our children and learn more about autism, we created as many as 23 special Information Points. At the Points all over the country, parents from the JiM Club were waiting to answer any question related to the disorder. We could be visited by anyone who has doubts about whether their child may have autism. Parents from the JiM Club told what are the most common signs of this disorder, how it is diagnosed, where to turn for help. Our Points were very popular, several hundred people visited us all over the country, and long lines formed to many of the Points! Thank you for being there with us!

You can see a gallery of Poland in Blue actions, blue events and lit up buildings
on the action website !

To all who have shone with us, thank you very much!
Remember, we shine all year round for children with autism.

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