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COVID-19 "Can I go out for a walk with my baby?" - we answer your questions

We are receiving questions from you related to the new security rules that were introduced on March 25 and restrict free movement. We want to reassure you that the regulations did not impose a total ban on going out, although it is recommended that you limit it to the minimum necessary.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

What are the exceptions to the restriction on movement?

1) Getting to and from work

2) Dealing with necessary daily matters (i.e., the day-to-day affairs of daily life)

3) Volunteerism in the fight against coronavirus,

4) Participation in religious events (but no more than 5 people can participate, excluding the person who is leading them)

What are the current affairs of daily life?

It is one that is used to meet basic needs. It could be the need to go to the doctor, replenish supplies at home or walk the dog.

Can I go out for a walk with my child?

Yes - walking, running, cycling are allowed because they are considered "current affairs of daily life." However, for safety's sake, keep an appropriate distance (at least 1.5 meters) between people you meet while walking. According to regulations, a maximum of two people can walk together, excluding families.

Can I go to the playground with my child?

No - restrictions apply to playgrounds or sports fields, among others. They are places where many people congregate, and thus there is a high risk of infection.

Can I go out to the store?

Yes - grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, laundries or drugstores will remain open. Restaurants, on the other hand, may dispense take-out meals or commandeer them, if possible.

Can I still use public transportation - bus or streetcar?

Yes - although here numerical restrictions have been introduced, i.e. there can be as many people on a bus or streetcar at any one time as half the seats.

Until when will these additional restrictions apply?

By April 11, 2020.



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