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Is it worth having a JiM Card?

The JiM Club Card is now available to all Club members! The card entitles you to discounts under the "Open for Autism" program and many other benefits.
The "Open for Autism" program is primarily a benefit for parents of children with autism, who, thanks to the card, can take advantage of attractive discounts and rebates offered by companies from all over Poland. More and more retail and service outlets that understand the unique needs of people with autism are joining the program.

JiM Club members who hold the card can also enjoy discounts on training courses and workshops organized by JiM. Specialists from the JiM Foundation conduct trainings all over the country, spreading knowledge about autism therapy, coping with children's difficult behavior and their own emotions. We have prepared favorable offers for our parents, thanks to which they can take part in a training or workshop, paying up to 40% less.

The JiM Foundation also conducts interventions in which it provides legal assistance on social and living issues, acts of discrimination, problems in education or in obtaining a ruling. Only Club members with a card can benefit from the specialist's assistance.

Membership in the JiM Club also entails access to a closed Facebook group, where parents exchange advice and support each other with help 24 hours a day. This allows you to stay in constant contact with people who understand the situation very well and are able to support you with their experience.
In addition, all members with a Club card will receive a special mailing several times a year. The mailing will include a letter along with gifts related to the JiM Foundation!

All the benefits of the JiM Club card are designed for parents, caregivers of autistic people and adults on the spectrum. The card costs a symbolic PLN 1. This amount allows us to pay for the production of the card and sending it to all members. Membership in the JiM Club will continue to remain completely free, and we will only charge a one-time fee for obtaining the card.

Are you a Club member and want to get a card? Go to

If you have not yet joined the Club, you can do so here

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