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Is it worth helping children with autism?

Autism is for life. It cannot be cured. It cannot be unlearned. It is an inherent part of every person on the autism spectrum. It won't disappear with the administration of a specialized drug. So is it worth helping children with autism?

Autism is a disorder that affects many areas of life. It manifests itself in differences in the way people communicate, relate to each other, express emotions, learn, and have a diverse pattern of behavior. It causes the outside world to be difficult to perceive, sometimes even unbearable. That's why our therapists work every day to make it easier for children to function on a daily basis. Teach coping with emotions, recognizing intentions, communicating. This is difficult, yet much needed work. We see hope, in every hour of therapy.

However, the difficulties that children with autism face on a daily basis are not all the problems they have to face. They face not only their own obstacles, but above all misunderstanding, rejection, lack of acceptance. Since we support them with therapy, why not help them build acceptance?

Imagine that leaving the house is so stressful for you that you prefer to give up. You put off doing your shopping, your medical check-up, visiting your parents. You are paralyzed by the fear of the unknown, there are so many sounds waiting along the way that cause you pain. And everyone is watching. Because you rock, because you mutter. Everyone sees that you are different. It doesn't have to be that way!

We are launching an educational program aimed at the youngest. If something is to change, let's start building acceptance among those who don't yet know the word contempt. We want to teach children that disabilities are not always visible. That people are different. They look different. They behave differently. But they all deserve acceptance and respect.

We believe that knowledge builds tolerance! We see an opportunity for a better future for all people with autism and other disabilities. That chance is you.

Become a part of positive change! Change someone's life for the better!

With your help, we can reach 12,000 schools nationwide and teach children tolerance for disabilities.

We know that you are not indifferent to the fate of others.


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