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Why go to the Autism-Europe Congress?

Autism-Europe was founded almost 40 years ago on the initiative of organizations led by parents of children with autism, in order to promote the rights of people with autism and their families and improve their quality of life. The Federation brings together organizations of parents, self-advocates and professionals dealing with autism from 38 countries. The JiM Foundation is a member of Autism-Europe, and our representative sits on the Council of Administration.

In addition to constantly raising public awareness and influencing decision-makers, the Autism-Europe association has been organizing the Congress for 36 years, which is aimed at people on the spectrum, parents and professionals who work with autistic people and children on a daily basis.

The congress is a place to exchange knowledge and experiences of people from different countries. It is a space for developing the best systemic solutions, but most importantly, ways to support and integrate people with autism into society.

During the congress, both professionals - therapists, researchers, educators, but also parents and people with ASD can learn more about evidence-based therapies and expand their knowledge with the experiences of other participants.

The next Autism-Europe Congress, now in its 12th year, will be held in September in Nice, France, where much change is needed to improve the quality of life for people with autism. The theme will be "New Dynamics for Change and Integration," focusing mainly on diagnosis, education, lifelong support and the use of new technologies.

Anyone wishing to attend the Autism-Europe Congress is encouraged to register at

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