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Why become a JiM Partner?

JiM Partner Program is directed to all companies that are friendly to people with autism and their families! By joining us you become a company better than others and do something good for others!

The JiM Partner Program is aimed at all companies that, in addition to their own development, want to work with us to create a better world for people with autism and their families. 

Unfortunately, autistic people and their families often face acts of discrimination and misunderstanding. It's hard for them to use public places such as restaurants, entertainment venues and service outlets. In Poland, awareness of autism spectrum disorders is still alarmingly low, which translates into a lack of understanding and acceptance. That's why we are looking for partners who can change that!

We are looking for companies, institutions or service places that remain open to autism. Thanks to the partners, JiM Club members will be able to take advantage not only of discounts or rebates, but, above all, find a place where they feel understood and accepted. We try to find places that make everyday life at least a little easier.
Such seemingly small actions, make a huge difference to our Parents.

All members of our partner program will be recognized with special materials, confirming participation. This will allow everyone to see that the chosen place is open to autism and has become a better company than others!

Being a partner of the JiM Foundation provides an opportunity to establish long-term cooperation and show that there are places where JiM Club members will be welcomed with special openness and kindness.

Most importantly, our partners have a real impact on improving the lives of people on the autism spectrum. 

This is a great opportunity to make yourself known to thousands of families nationwide and gain dedicated customers!


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