KRS 0000127075
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KRS 0000127075
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Additional care allowance until July 12

On June 29 this year, legislation comes into effect that extends the possibility of collecting supplementary care benefits until July 12.

The rules for applying for the supplementary care allowance remain unchanged.

We would like to remind you that the benefit is granted in the event of closure of a nursery, children's club, kindergarten, school or other similar institution, to an insured person who is released from work due to the need for personal care of a child:

- A child with a severe or moderate degree of disability up to the age of 18, or

- A child with a disability certificate or

- A child with a special education certificate.

The allowance also applies in the event of the closure of a school, remedial and educational center, support center, occupational therapy workshop or other day care facility of a similar nature due to coronavirus, which is attended by an adult with a disability.

In a situation where a parent has applied for an additional care allowance under the general rules, prior to the newly enacted legislation, Social Security ensures that the application will be treated as an application for an additional care allowance in connection with a COVID-19 occurrence (information from the official Social Security portal).

Legal basis:

Law of June 19, 2020 on interest rate subsidies for bank loans granted to businesses affected by COVID-19 and on simplified proceedings for approval of an arrangement in connection with the occurrence of COVID-19

Council of Ministers Decree of June 25, 2020 on defining a longer period for receiving care benefits to counter COVID-19

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