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Houses of life, not institutions

There is no universal support system for adults with autism in Poland. Dependents deprived of caregivers end up in closed institutions, often not adapted to their needs.

A dependent on the autism spectrum is often non-verbal. He or she won't say that he or she is sick, that something is hurting him or her, or that something is bothering him or her. Families and close caregivers know how to read all non-verbal signals. This level of care is difficult to provide in a closed institution. Add to this the fact that there is a link between ASD and an increased risk of premature death, especially among women with ASD and intellectual disabilities (source: Karolinska Institutet), and we see how important it is to provide adequate care for dependent adults on the spectrum.

Closed, mass institutions are no place for them. They should go to friendly homes that are adapted to their needs. A trend in dependent care called deinstitutionalization is growing throughout Europe. Its goal is to bring a person with limited independence to receive support not in institutional care, but in smaller, friendly homes in a local, community-based setting. To create places where adults on the spectrum have decent living conditions, specialized care, a peaceful pace of life. Places tailored to their needs, acting as a family home.

This is the standard of care for adults with autism that we are fighting for! We create systemic solutions and convince the authorities. Every day we work, we strive to ensure a good adulthood for people on the spectrum. We are able to do this, among other things, thanks to support from our donors. We sincerely thank each and every one of them.

Adulthood for people with autism means a lack of support. We need to change that. Together, let's build houses of life, not institutions.

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