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Children, donate 1.5 million zloty!

The Hansel and Gretel Foundation has published its financial report for 2013. Once again, revenues have increased, and the number of children helped has grown tremendously. But the results are overshadowed by the need to create a PLN 1.5 million reserve due to the demands of the Lodz authorities.

After an audit that lasted nearly a year, paralyzing the work of the Hansel and Gretel Foundation, officials from the Lodz Magistrate's Office demanded the return of nearly PLN 1.5 million in educational subsidies.

Among other things, they don't like that the JiM Foundation is funding:

  • additional therapy for children and supervision by an external expert,
  • activities for students during the vacations,
  • Purchase and creation of therapy materials,
  • child nutrition,
  • Transportation of children to school,
  • ongoing renovations that have made JiM children learn in great conditions,
  • Several administrative positions to coordinate the work of the facilities and the therapy of 200 children funded
    within the education system.

The City Council is also using language treatments to undermine other expenses. For example, they are demanding reimbursement of the salary of one of the directors (the word "school" is missing from the job title) and reimbursement of expenses for cleaning the building
(the word "Foundation" building instead of "school" building used in the cleaning company's explanation).

Hanna Zdanowska, the Mayor of Lodz, refused to talk to us, and referred us to one of the deputy mayors, with whom the conversation brought nothing. And despite many meetings with rank and file officials, they have not backed down from their demands and are multiplying further imaginary allegations. The Foundation has appealed the post-inspection findings and is awaiting another decision. If the Mayor of Lodz upholds its claims, the Foundation will take the case to court.

Schools in Poland are financed by an educational subsidy. The money comes from the state budget, the government transfers
it to local governments, which further transfer it to schools.

How the subsidy is spent is regulated by the Law on the Education System, which enigmatically states that the money
can be spent on the school's current needs related to education or upbringing.

The wide latitude of interpretation creates the temptation to force nonpublic schools to return part of the subsidy provided.

The JiM Foundation points out that if it is forced to return some of the subsidy already spent, it will have to
do so using contributions from Donors whose intention was to help children, not to improve the city's budget.

The JiM Foundation, using an educational subsidy, runs a kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, a preparatory school and early childhood development therapy. All facilities are free of charge.

Nearly 250 children with disabilities, mostly with autism, benefit from them.

- - -

The financial report* in the form of an infographic and commentary on it can be seen in the gallery below.
We have also included in the gallery a comparison of the dramatic state of the JiM Foundation building before the renovation
and the current state. 

*The JiM Foundation's 2013 financial statements were audited by Josef Welt Ltd.
and received an "unqualified" rating.

- - -

We are also asking for your help!
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