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JiM children give thanks for 3 million!

Nearly 3 million zlotys - almost a million more than a year ago - have been credited to the JiM Foundation account! The money comes from the one percent tax that each of us can donate to a public benefit organization of our choice.

The JiM Foundation was supported by more than 50,000 people. When donating one percent of their tax, donors indicated the foundation's wards, who have named JiM subaccounts. The foundation has already established them for more than a thousand children - the money collected on them is used to refinance the treatment and rehabilitation of sub-account holders. JiM does not charge any fees for running them.

- The fact that we were able to raise so much money is thanks to the parents," says Tomasz Michalowicz, president of the JiM Foundation. - We help them from the organizational, formal side - we advise, support them in implementing their ideas. We give posters, business cards, letters of recommendation, enable free text messaging. And parents run campaigns for their children, in their own communities, among their friends. It is to them that the praise is due - they are wonderful.

The record amount in the several-year history of JiM subaccounts is almost 70 thousand zlotys - that's how much money was raised on the individual subaccount of a child who benefits from the foundation's support.

- JiM subaccounts are a huge help for our children. The money collected in this way gives us, the parents, the opportunity to sew "tailor-made" therapy, adjusted to the needs of our children," says Sylwia Mądra, mother of Jas with autism. - They allow us to patch all those therapeutic holes that are not filled by therapy or rehabilitation financed by the National Health Fund.

The JiM Foundation has been seeking one percent tax deductions for more than 10 years, since each of us can donate this part of our due tax to a public benefit organization of our choice. The Foundation brings help to children with autism, their parents and caregivers, and trains teachers and therapists from all over Poland. It runs the JiM Clinic, with more than 1,000 children under its care. 

If you know someone who would like to set up a JiM sub-account for their child and raise funds for their treatment, therapy or rehabilitation, or would like to do so yourself, go to .

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