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A child on the autism spectrum in school

There have been many important changes in the field of special education, so we have prepared an informational brochure that includes the most important information for Parents of children with disabilities. The JiM Foundation guidebook presents and explains educational pathways in an accessible way.

Each new school year brings news and challenges. For students, it's a time to return to their duties after the summer break, and for Parents, it's an additional job of preparing their children properly for classes. Some Parents are also faced with choosing the best educational path for their child.
In order to introduce the changes in the field of special education, we have prepared a guide in which each form of education is described in detail, taking into account all the important differences. The main advantages and disadvantages of each form discussed are also listed, which will allow parents to make an informed decision on the educational path suitable for their child.

The following issues are addressed in the booklet:

∙ a good pathway to education
∙ special education
∙ how to obtain a statement of special education needs?
∙ individual education and therapy program (IPET and how to develop it?) ∙ other forms of education?
∙ other forms of education

The guide was prepared mainly for Parents of children on the autism spectrum, but it applies equally to the education of all disabled . It is universal and can be recommended to anyone who needs such information. We invite anyone interested in the topic of education to download the guide on special education.

We wish all children and their parents a successful school year, full of joy and success!


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