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5th Autumn Song Festival at JiM School

16 groups from schools and kindergartens (that's as many as 300 little artists!) performed during the Autumn Song Festival
at JiM School. We are very proud, because this is the fifth edition of this unique event. The children worked for many
weeks on their performances and bravely managed.

Small performers surprise us more and more every year with their ideas and stage skills. Talent can envy them many a star [as well as the performing teachers ­čÖé ]. Many thanks to all the leaves, squirrels, toadstools and other treasures of autumn, as well as teachers and parents for coming in such large numbers.┬á

Congratulations on the great performances, too!

Special thanks for the participation to the children and teachers from:

  • Kindergartens No. 17
  • Kindergarten No. 84
  • Kindergarten No. 86
  • Kindergarten No. 137
  • Kindergarten No. 221
  • Kindergarten No. 206
  • Elementary School No. 14
  • Primary School No. 189
  • Special School and Educational Center No. 3
  • Special School Complex No. 5
  • Dom Dziennego Pobytu dla Os├│b Niepe┼énosprawnych (Day Care Center for the Disabled) on Piotrkowska Street.

And also for our brave children and teachers from JiM Preschool and School!

Be sure to see photos from the Festival in the gallery below.


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