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KRS 0000127075
Management Board of the JiM Foundation
Tomasz Michałowicz President of the JiM Foundation

President and co-founder of the JiM Foundation. Member of the Management Board of Autism-Europe. Graduate of management at the Łódź University of Technology. He also studied at the Chambéry Graduate School of Business (France). Graduate from the Polish-American Executive MBA studies at the University of Warsaw. He worked at Gazeta Wyborcza, first as an economic journalist and then as an author of features dealing with social topics. He is interested in permanent social change – a goal he has been working towards since the Foundation was established in 2002.

Marcin Krzyżanowski Deputy President of the JiM Foundation

Co-founder and Deputy President of the JiM Foundation. He has worked for many months with the disabled as a volunteer and caretaker. He will not let anyone be left behind. He believes that we change the world of autistic people for the better if we work together.

Council of the Foundation
Lidia Klichowicz Chairman of the Council of the Foundation. Doctor, a long-time President of the Provincial Division of the College of General Practitioners in Łódź. One of the first general practitioners in Poland
Jadwiga Więcior Member of the Council of the Foundation. Long-time social activist, mother of Sławek, a handicapped child. She has raised many generations of volunteers, including the people who created the JiM Foundation.
Andrzej Pietrucha Member of the Council of the Foundation. Expert, fan and promoter of fundraising as an effective method of acquiring funds for NGOs. Organiser of the annual FAOO fundraising conference.
Radosław Wiśniewski Member of the Council of the Foundation. Entrepreneur and philanthropist. Founder and major shareholder of the Redan S.A. listed company and partner at the Real Development Group. Founder of the Happy Kids Foundation, which operates 14 foster homes.
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