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JiM Foundation at Autism-Europe Congress

More than 2,000 people on the spectrum, parents and professionals from around the world, have gathered in Nice to share the knowledge they have gained in the field of autism. Here they exchange experiences and work out changes that are good for people with autism. Among them are also experts from the JiM Foundation.

The 12th International Congress of Autism-Europe, held September 13-15 in Nice, is being held under the theme "New Dynamics for Change and Inclusion."

The organizers of the congress were keen to translate international research in the field of autism, into concrete changes and promote the inclusion of autistic people of all ages, regardless of their needs, in society. All interested parties met here to exchange experiences
and consider how the lives of people with autism can be improved.

In many countries there are still difficulties in diagnosing autism or diagnosis is made too late, so it is important to share knowledge that improves this situation. It is also important to develop a method of integrating people with autism in school and work, in sports and recreational activities,
as well as to support the family.

Among the issues discussed at the congress are research and ethics, language and communication or gender
and sexuality. Topics also covered include: diagnosis, access to education and employment, integration and social life, mental and physical health, and intervention. Organizations and foundations, including JiM, present their activities at numerous booths.

The next Autism-Europe Congress, scheduled for 2022, will be held in Poland in Krakow. The Congress is organized by the JiM Foundation. 

About Autism-Europe Congress:
Autism-Europe International Congresses are designed to share the latest practical and scientific knowledge about autism with as wide an audience as possible, including people with autism, researchers, specialists

and parents. Congresses are held every three years, each time organized by a different autism organization in a particular European country. The Autism-Europe member organization that prepares the congress is elected by the Autism-Europe General Assembly.

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