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JiM Foundation encourages vaccination

The COVID-19 pandemic is a time when all the problems of autistic people are multiplied times two. Difficult situation, isolation, breaking the patterns according to which people on the spectrum live, is a very big stress, which lowers their immunity. That's why the JiM Foundation is encouraging the #VaccinateSelf campaign.

Failure to vaccinate could mean prolonged school closures, lack of access to appropriate educational and therapeutic activities, and destabilization of the world of autistic people. Vaccination is an opportunity to open all the places where autistic people are waiting for help and support. We appeal: let's vaccinate! For yourself, your loved ones and everyone for whom the prolonged pandemic is a daily drama.

Let's get vaccinated! Top 10 reasons

The government has announced the start of mass enrollment in the National Immunization Program for January 15.

Anyone will be able to sign up through three channels: by phone, at the GP's office and over the web on the Internet Patient Account.

We strongly encourage you: let's get vaccinated!

Why is it important to get vaccinated?

Reason 1: Protect yourself. People with autism are more vulnerable than others. More likely to suffer a severe course of the disease.

Reason 2 - Parents. It's worth getting vaccinated. Just like on an airplane, put the mask on yourself first, then your child. You can't get sick, your child can't be left alone.

Reason 3: Caregivers, family. Your help is invaluable. It must not be lacking.

Reason 4: Teachers, therapists. You are needed! Our children, our loved ones on the autism spectrum need you.

Reason 5: By protecting yourself, you protect others. Your parents, grandparents, people on the spectrum with compromised immunity. Your vaccination may save someone's life.

Reason 6: You lose nothing. You gain resilience.

Reason 7: Open schools. The sooner we vaccinate, the sooner schools and therapy centers for autistic people will be open.

Reason 8: It costs nothing. The vaccine is free. Its price is exactly 0 zloty. Plus possibly a streetcar ticket. Or on the bus.

Reason 9: You won't be afraid anymore. For many people, the fear of "I'll get sick, I won't get sick" has been crushing. It is worth getting rid of it.

Reason 10: Finally, we will all go for a walk together!


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