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Culture of the organization

"At the JiM Foundation, we work with clear and transparent rules."

At the JiM Foundation, we work under clear and transparent rules. The organization's clarified structures and improved processes make it possible to work at the JiM Foundation not only to achieve the mission, but also to develop your skills and fulfill yourself professionally.

All employees, regardless of their position, are given goals and a path for professional development. In achieving them, they can constantly count on the help of their leaders and direct supervisors. We also support employee education by offering subsidized training and courses.

What does this mean for employees? Clear rules for the work and operation of the organization. With goals set, all employees know on what basis their work will be evaluated. At JiM, we focus on team activity, so we support our employees with initiatives and additional activities.

One thing is certain - when you choose to work for the Foundation, you can count on full support and dynamic work!

Working at the JiM Foundation
Work in an organization based
on stable sources of
Opportunities for professional development
professional development
Implementation of the mission
Subsidized courses
and training
Employment contract
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