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JiM people
The JiM Foundation is made up of passionate people who are on a daily mission to create a better world for people with autism. We employ experienced specialists, including doctors, therapists, oligophrenopedagogues, psychologists or speech therapists.
JiM Foundation Board of Directors
Tomasz Michalowicz President of JiM Foundation
Marcin Krzyzanowski Deputy President of the JiM Foundation
Foundation Council
Lidia Klichowicz Chairwoman of the Foundation Council. Physician, long-time President of the Lodz Regional Branch of the College of Family Physicians. One of the first family doctors in Poland.
Jadwiga Więcior Member of the Foundation Council. Long-time social activist, mother of disabled Slawek. She raised many generations of volunteers, including those who founded the JiM Foundation.
Andrzej Pietrucha Member of the Foundation Council. Expert, fan and promoter of fundraising as an effective method of raising for NGOs. Organizer of the annual FAOO fundraising conference.
Przemyslaw Witkowski Member of the Council of the Foundation. Expert in public relations and communication between people. Journalist, winner of the Kurt Schork Award in International Journalism for investigative reporting.
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