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KRS 0000127075
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Workshop - Where am I in autism?

Workshop - Where am I in autism?

The goal of the workshop is to improve the quality of daily functioning of parents and caregivers of children with autism in various social situations, primarily by increasing self-awareness (values, needs, influence, emotions, etc.), improving interpersonal communication, identifying internal resources (strengthening the sense of value / naming and taming weaknesses), recognizing difficult emotions and improving coping skills.

The workshop is designed for parents and caregivers of children on the autism spectrum and ZA.

Proceedings of the workshop:


  • integration exercises that build a sense of security in the group and prepare for internal work related to different emotions


  • Exercises developing self-awareness in various roles and life situations (an attempt to answer the question: where is the Self in autism, allowing observation and identification of emerging emotions in a safe situation of the workshop, verification and strengths and weaknesses and values that determine the daily mechanisms of action; diagnosis verbalization of needs and expectations of the self and the outside world, planning for change, etc.).


  • Relaxation calming or strengthening exercises (depending on the needs of the participants and the course of the workshop)


  • 60 PLN / person.
  • 49 zł / person. (for JiM Club members )

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