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JiM Volunteer Stories - Madga

Two hours a week. Eight a month. Less than four full days a year. If you have even that much, the JiM Foundation will welcome you with open arms. You think to yourself: after all, it's so little! Just one lecture with two breaks. I agree. And I believe that therein lies the simplicity and beauty of helping. You don't have to give much of yourself to make another person happy, and still the results are spectacular. When I started my adventure as a Volunteer, I didn't know what to expect. I got along well with the children, so I decided to come to the afternoon joint activities for preschoolers.

I became Aunt Madzia, a professional cuddler, pillow house builder and puzzle expert. What matters to children is that I am with them. They can then show me their favorite toys, sing songs and tell me stories. There are times when we do absolutely nothing, because there are also days when an inconspicuous, minute stroking of the head makes the world a better place.

It's amazing how much I'm learning from this short time spent at the Foundation. With each passing day, I am becoming more understanding and patient, and reaffirming my belief that all people deserve attention and care. Today we compare ourselves with others, we want to be the best and flawless. However, it only takes a quarter of an hour at JiM to realize that our uniqueness lies in our imperfection and to start appreciating that.

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