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25 JiM Club!

When a few Parents of children with autism started talking to each other in the corridor of the Jim Foundation in 2012, no one suspected that 5 years later their meetings would gain such momentum. This month, the 25th JiM Club has already been formed, bringing Parents of children with autism and neutrotrophies together. Together we are stronger and can do more!

Corridor meetings - this is how parents from the JiM Foundation, who initiated the formation of the Clubs in a more organized form, describe their first conversations. They started talking about everything - the children, the problems they faced, their feelings, but also about more mundane matters, such as therapy, certificates, documents. If someone had told me right after the diagnosis what I heard then from other Moms, I would have saved a lot of time and nerves," says Magda, one of the first initiators of the Clubs.

Conversations turned into regular meetings. Parents wanted to show others their strength - that's how the first "Proud Moms" calendar was created , and Moms of children from the Foundation became the models. In 2013, the Club grew in strength. A closed Facebook group was created, which still connects Parents all over the country. We opened a Command Center so that Parents have a permanent place in the Foundation. And the avalanche started...

Warsaw, Września, Lędziny, Gliwice... more Clubs appeared all over Poland. The huge interest was just a confirmation for us that Parents also need support and help. And no one will understand them as well as they do themselves. This was also shown by the social campaign "Welcome to the 1000 Friends Club", where members of Clubs from all over Poland told how much the meetings mean to them, how much strength and support they get from others. It is important for all Parents of children with autism to know that they are not alone. There are plenty of people all over Poland who face the same problems and difficulties every day.

25 The Club was founded in Kętrzyn, and Ania Kowalczyk, Kuba and Ewa's mother, became the coordinator. It all started when Ania went to a Club meeting in Gizycko. She saw how much Parents could gain, and learned about the Club's structures. So she decided that families in Kętrzyn could also meet and support each other. She initiated permanent meetings, gathered Parents, worked closely with Aneta Furmaniak - the coordinator from Gizycko. And so, on May 20go the official inauguration of the JiM Kętrzyn Parents' Club took place!

Since then, we have met more than 300 times in all Clubs. Counting the kilometers covered, we have circled the Earth. Almost 4,000 Parents belong to the Club. More inaugurations are already planned! We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we have no intention of slowing down!

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