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27th place in the list of OPP - Thank you!

We ranked high 27th in the list of PBOs that received 1% from the 2014 settlement.
The list was prepared by the Ministry of Finance and included as many as 7888 organizations.
We managed to collect nearly PLN 3 million - thank you very much :)!

>> Pobierz pełny wykaz OPP <<

Among other things, thanks to these funds, we were able to provide additional diagnostic visits. This is very important for them, because without early diagnosis, therapy cannot be started. Only quickly undertaken and consistent therapy is the only chance for children with autism to be independent. It is thanks to the Donors that we were able to give it to them.

The fact that we were able to raise so much money is mainly thanks to the parents. Once again, congratulations to all of you who, by keeping aJiM sub-account for your child and raising funds for his treatment, therapy and rehabilitation throughout the year, help him make further progress. If you would also like to set up such a subaccount for your child, click here.

We were supported by more than 50,000 people from all over Poland - we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts, and you can see on the map below
that our wonderful Donors are everywhere!

Donors from all over Poland have donated nearly PLN 3 million to the children of the JiM Foundation.

D E V E L O P E D !

And to parents who do not yet have a JiM sub-account, we remind you that you can set one up here. 🙂

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