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Third National Picnic for Families of Children with Autism

This was the biggest such Picnic! JiM September Parents Club organized the 3rd National Picnic for Families of Children with Autism 🙂. There was time to relax in a beautiful environment and have fun, in addition to being able to talk to psychologists and receive tips on therapy and diagnosis.

Nearly a quarter of a thousand people from all over Poland (including grandparents, aunts and uncles 🙂 met at the site to see each other, talk and just be with each other spending time very actively. Such meetings are very much needed. This is an invaluable time for families, when they can exchange important experiences without stress, talk, take a break from everyday life. Parents of children with autism can feel that they are not alone.  

The picnic had two goals: integration of the community and support of specialists. A special "artistic" program was prepared - special because it took into account the limitations and needs of children with autism. During the course of the event, everyone could talk to psychologists, get tips on therapy, diagnosis, hints: where to go for help.

But that's not all! The vice mayor of Września, Artur Mokracki, took part in the picnic - and in his presence a fire was lit under a common, large bonfire.

Such meetings make it possible for parents and caregivers of children with autism and other neurodisabilities to recharge their batteries and, most importantly, have time just for themselves.

We would like to thank the coordinator of the JiM Parents Club / Września - Mark Binarsh for preparing a wonderful meeting. Many thanks also to the specialists from the ARKA Center and the Teddy Bear Uszatek Preschool in Września.

And a big thank you to all the families from all over Poland who were there with us :)!
See you at the next picnic!

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Take a look at the gallery below and see how great it was!

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