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Volunteering at the JiM Foundation

Działania Fundacji JiM nie byłyby możliwe, gdyby nie Wolontariusze, którzy codziennie niosą pomoc w różnych obszarach naszych działań. Często są wsparciem dla rodziców, którzy wychowując dziecko w spektrum autyzmu, potrzebują chwili wytchnienia i pomocy.

They are very eager to work with children, help with workshops, therapeutic activities and take care of toddlers during their daily activities.

Also invaluable is the help of Volunteers in our campaigns and social actions, where together we build autism awareness!

Joy and satisfaction

Volunteering at the JiM Foundation also allows you to learn new skills, meet passionate people, and engage in interesting and challenging activities.

Our Volunteers often admit that becoming involved in volunteering for the Foundation has helped them in their subsequent choice of career path and has given them a lot of confidence, bringing them a lot of satisfaction.

By bringing help, you not only do something for others, but you become a better person yourself.

Learn about the stories of JiM Volunteers

HOW TO become a JiM volunteer?

Submit an application

It only takes a moment to fill out the form and take the first step to becoming a JiM volunteer

Meet the JiM Foundation

See what volunteering at the JiM Foundation is all about. Tell us about yourself and together let's choose the form of volunteering that suits you best

Begin your adventure

Volunteering is a chance to meet great people and develop new skills! Check out how wonderful it is to help others in a group of passionate and committed people!


Graduates of and second degree students, as well as postgraduate students of the faculties:

  • psychology,
  • oligophrenopedagogy,
  • Pedagogy (special, preschool and early childhood),
  • terapia i edukacja dzieci i młodzieży autystycznej oraz z zespołem Aspergera,
  • pedagogical preparation,
  • occupational therapy,
  • pedagogical therapy,
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Ty też możesz pomóc Już 1 osoba na 100 jest w spektrum. Zmień życie osób autystycznych na lepsze. Pomagam