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JiM Volunteers. Poland


We invite volunteers from all over the country who are ready to help people with autism in their localities.

Volunteer JiM. Poland is a program organized by the JiM Foundation in which any adult can support people with autism in the region where they live. We want to make it possible for autistic people and their families to meet friendly people and benefit from the care and assistance of volunteers. By spending time with a child with autism, helping with educational activities, organizing the child's leisure time, going with the child to a rehabilitation camp or providing ad hoc support for shopping, you will help realize the Foundation's mission and together with us you will create a better world where every person with autism can realize his or her potential.

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A JiM volunteer can become your friend in need who wants to give the gift of his or her heart to others through goodwill, a smile and helpfulness. If you are a parent or guardian of a child with autism, an adult with autism and belong to the JiM Club, looking for volunteer support where you live, please apply by filling out the Form below. A JiM volunteer can support you by providing assistance with child care, care during a rehabilitation camp, educational classes or ad hoc help with shopping and driving. We can help you wherever you live.

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