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We are ourselves!

In the beginning there was the slogan: Autism. We want to be ourselves. It was created based on conversations with people with autism and Asperger's Syndrome. "Francis, I don't want to be changed," "Francis, I want not to be ashamed to be myself," young people with autism said when the Pope arrived in Poland. These sentences were with them and with us for several months. And they came back to us as we worked on the campaign for this year's Autism Awareness Day.

Once the report on the situation of people with autism was created. When the photos for the campaign were created. Work on the spot began. It was a big experiment. A dozen young people with autism and Asperger's Syndrome from JiM and the clubhouse "Life is cool!".

We had a few questions for them. And no idea of what they would say.

They said a lot.

- Autism sometimes hinders me and sometimes helps," Bartek said.

- Once, when my mother told me that I was an autistic child, I experienced it a lot. Because none of my cousins have autism," said Kasia

Is there anything you would like to tell people? - We asked Roland.

- Just to get them in order," he replied.

And at the end, to our great surprise, Paulina sang. And how!

The statements and song moved the film crew, we were moved, and with us the whole of Poland. The spot on the Internet and on TVP channels was watched by millions of people. No campaign of ours has ever had such a reach before.

At the last minute, a week before April 2, we still had time to publish Izabela Fornalik's book, "I have autism. I have sexuality. What's Next?". Sexuality is a topic that affects everyone, including people with autism. They have a right to it. We must not take it away from them. And I ask all of you to remember:

When it comes to autism, there are no taboo topics at JiM.

In this situation, the Poland in Blue campaign for World Autism Awareness Day, which was prepared so painstakingly, must have been a success. Several thousand people and places bringing awareness about autism. Including hundreds of foundations, associations, schools, kindergartens companies and public institutions. And dozens of information points run all over the country by JiM parents.

The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the Ombudsman for Children were with us. We know how much remains to be done in the offices, but we are very happy. A drop drills the rock!

Golden Terraces, the Palace of Culture, Manufaktura, the Silesian Opera House, the Radisson Blu and Double Tree by Hilton hotels, the Radiostation in Gliwice and dozens of other buildings shone.

The media were with us. TVN Facts, Gazeta Wyborcza, Panorama and many, many others.

To all of you and each of you individually, thank you very much!

Remember, we shine all year round for people with autism.

Don't let Roland down - be well!

For each other, for him and for other people with autism.

So that he and hundreds of thousands of people with autism in Poland, can say: We are ourselves.

Tom Michalowicz,

president of JiM Foundation

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