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See who won a grant for the INSAR 2023 international conference!


Meet our grantees!

The JiM Foundation announces that as a result of work with independent reviewers, 3 people have been selected to participate in the Scientifically on the Spectrum project:

Dr. Maja Drzazga-Lech

Researcher at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Silesia in Katowice.

Her research focuses on self-advocacy movements, equal access to health care for autistic people, but also on the mental health of non-neurotypical people, among other topics.

Her work is guided by supporting autistic people in Poland with respect for social inclusion. One of the goals of her research is to develop and disseminate good practices, the implementation of which will help in the process of achieving physical, mental and social well-being of autistic people, which her participation in the INSAR conference can help with.

Dr. Anna Anzulewicz

Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology of Human Development at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw. He is currently conducting research on the motor correlates of atypical development using wearable sensors (wearables).

Her future research will focus on developing methods to assess movement patterns associated with the autism spectrum using sensors and artificial intelligence for early and accurate developmental assessment. Among other things, INSAR will be an opportunity for her to launch new collaborations and learn about the latest advances in autism diagnosis and therapy.

Dra Katarzyna Góra

Pracownik naukowy w Katedrze Lingwistyki Stosowanej na Uniwersytecie Warmińsko-Mazurskim w Olsztynie. Obecnie prowadzi badania pilotażowe dotyczące analizy języka dyskursu na temat autyzmu w mediach społecznościowych. Koncentruje się na przyczynach i celach powstawania polskich grup Facebookowych na temat autyzmu i ich członkach.

She believes that autism research that focuses on the Polish community can have a significant impact on improving the quality of life for people on the spectrum in Poland. Participation in the INSAR conference, among other things, will enhance its ability to contribute to the latest and most cutting-edge research in autism topics.

Wszystkim Paniom gratulujemy. Wszyscy zakwalifikowani otrzymali grant na konferencję INSAR 2023.


A new project for science!

The JiM Foundation is launching a new project: Scientifically about the spectrum, which aims to popularize knowledge about autism in society, as well as to increase access to expert knowledge by, among other things, increasing access to important scientific events and international conferences. The project is intended to enable and improve the flow of knowledge between the scientific community and people interested in the topic of the autism spectrum.

Get a grant for the INSAR 2023 international conference!

The first step taken under the project is the INSAR International Conference Grant. The JiM Foundation will fund 5 places for young Polish scientists at the INSAR meeting in Stockholm on May 3-6, 2023. The grant is aimed at scientists whose research concerns autism or a related topic. The JiM Foundation offers support in accessing and enabling the dissemination of knowledge on autism. INSAR or the International Society for Autism Research holds its regular scientific meetings once a year to share knowledge and information on research advances among members of the scientific community from around the world. Join them!

Let's build together a scientific community around the autism spectrum!

To apply, please fill out the form:

Each Candidate must fill out an online form in English. Only when they receive an email confirmation from the JiM Foundation can the application be considered submitted. Each Candidate will then be asked to send a letter of recommendation by the individually set deadline.

Requirements for Candidates:

  1. The candidate must be a Polish citizen currently living in Poland.
  2. The research that the Candidate conducts must be on autism or a related topic (such as ADHD in correlation to autism).
  3. The candidate must have a doctoral degree, awarded within the last 10 years.
  4. The candidate must have at least one scientific publication in a recognized scientific periodical (in addition to his/her dissertation). The publication must be on autism or a related topic.
  5. The Candidate undertakes to present a letter of recommendation from an academician who is his/her direct supervisor at the university. This person should also confirm the Candidate's employment at the university.
  6. The candidate must speak English perfectly and fill out the application form in English.
  7. The candidate undertakes to share the knowledge gained at the INSAR conference and, together with the JiM Foundation, develop informational materials on the latest autism research for the community in Poland.
  8. The candidate undertakes to attend a meeting in the second half of 2023 with the autistic community in Poland, as part of a consultation on the needs and priorities of the community.
  9. The candidate must confirm the ability to fly to Sweden in May.
  10. The candidate must confirm availability for a possible recruitment meeting on March 24, 2023.

What the JiM Foundation offers:

  1. A grant of a maximum of 1,500 euros, covering fees for: attendance at the INSAR conference, accommodation and travel.
  2. Effective networking during the conference and support for researchers in creating post-conference and informational materials for the Polish community.
  3. Increasing the importance of autism research for the autism community and other stakeholders in Poland.

What we expect from the conference:

  1. Researchers will prepare an abstract of the INSAR conference for the Polish community.
  2. Researchers will prepare informational materials on the latest scientific trends that address the needs of the Polish autistic community.
  3. The researchers will participate in meetings with the Polish autistic community, where they will share the knowledge gained at the conference on the latest research on the topic of autism.


February 7, 2023. - opening the application form

March 6, 2023. - completion of collection of applications through the form

March 23, 2023. - completion of the application review process

March 24, 2023. - Additional recruitment meetings (if needed after the review process)

April 2, 2023. - announcement of decision. Candidates will be informed of the results on the same day

Need more information about INSAR? Visit the event website:



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