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JiM advises: returning a child with autism to school. Can a parent enter the facility?

The new school year has brought many doubts about a parent or guardian entering the premises of a school attended by a child on the autism spectrum. Principals and teachers refuse to do so, citing special security measures due to the prevailing outbreak of coronavirus. We hint at how the law addresses this type of issue.

As a matter of principle: if the disability certificate admits point 8 - i.e., the need for the parent to participate in the process of treatment, rehabilitation and education, and the special education certificate additionally indicates the necessary cooperation of parents with the school, these are strong arguments that should be invoked when indicating that you want to support the child in school.

In the case of a child with a score of 7: when the child is in school, it is the other adults in the facility who will take care of the child, as he or she is unable to meet the needs of life on his or her own.

Importantly, the law does not regulate the entry of parents on school grounds, and there is no provision prohibiting parents from entering school grounds. However, according to the law, it is the principal who is responsible for the children and the conditions of the school(Article 68 of the Education Law). The headmaster's duty is to organize the school's work in such a way as to ensure the safety of children - including that learning takes place in safe, hygienic and comfortable conditions. The headmaster decides on the form of provisions in the school's statute, which should include all rules regarding the organization of school work.

The current pandemic has resulted in a different school organization and changed safety rules. So it is best to first talk to the school principal in private and explain your position. It is worthwhile to use additional documents - certificates: disability and special education and explain as factually as possible how the presence of a parent/guardian will be able to positively affect the child's behavior at school.

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