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JiM teaches at 2 million percent!

The JiM Foundation raised a record 2 million 150 thousand zlotys from one percent tax this year. Among other things,
thanks to this, 24 new students with autism and other neurodisabilities started school in JiM facilities in September.  

JiM's September 1 was also unusual this year. Circus performers, stilt walkers,
jugglers appeared at JiM as early as 10 am. There were helium balloons, which the kids released into the sky, and fun, games and contests related
to the circus.

In this way, the school year was also welcomed by a group of 24 new alumni of the Foundation, who from September
will attend JiM kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and preparatory school
for work.

On the other hand, as many as 12 kindergarteners who have studied at JiMin recent years have already spent the first day of school
in "regular" kindergartens. This means that they already know how to function among their peers.

The toddlers worked hard to cope in such a kindergarten.

Children with autism not only find it more difficult to concentrate during classes and listen to the teacher's instructions,
but also to interact with other children, to play together. At JiM kindergarten, they benefited

from behavioral therapy and social skills training, among other things.They followed individual therapy programs. All this so that they learned to build relationships, work in a group, and in the future become
as independent as possible. For the 12-year-olds, who no longer require special education,
is a big, life-changing opportunity.

Such progress for the children, however, would also not have been possible without funds from the 1% tax.
This year, the Foundation, along with nearly 1,000 parents who maintain sub-accounts for their children at JiM,
raised a record-breaking amount of support from the Foundation to date.

Donors from all over Poland contributed PLN 2 million 150 thousand.

D E V E L O P M E N T !

To set up such a sub-account for your child go to:


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