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JiM Family Picnic

It was beautiful! We organized a very family picnic with a bonfire at the JiM Parents Club in Lodz. Horseback rides, forest and plenty of space for kids to run around. . It was our moment of respite 🙂 This picnic was special for us, because our special guest was Zsuzsanna Szilvasy, President of Autism-Europe. Thank you very much 🙂 It is thanks to such meetings that we feel that we are really together. And together we can do more! 

The whole families came to the picnic! Nearly 100 people (including grandparents, aunts and uncles 🙂 had the opportunity to see each other, talk and just be with each other spending time very actively :). Such meetings are very much needed. This is an invaluable time for parents, during which they can exchange important experiences without stress, talk, relax. Parents can feel that they are not alone with their daily troubles. And all this in the beautiful green surroundings at the Hucul Horse Stud in Madaje Stare.

Parents from the JiM Parents Club, along with their children, had a moment to sit together around the campfire, roast sausages and ride the wonderful horses. But that's not all! You could also play volleyball, draw and see a wonderful soap bubble show.

Such meetings make it possible for parents and caregivers of children with autism and other neurodisabilities to recharge their batteries and, most importantly, have time just for themselves.

Many thanks to Zsuzsanna Szilvasa, President of Autism-Europe, for being there with us and enjoying our time together.

We would like to thank the coordinator of JiM Parents Club / Lodz - Katarzyna Waliszek and club parents: Tomasz and Magdalena Popiel for preparing a wonderful meeting. Many thanks also to JiM Volunteers thanks to whom the parents had a moment of respite and the Hucul Horse Stud in Madaje Stare :)!

And if you know anyone who would like to sign up for the JiM Parents' Club be sure to forward this address to them:

Take a look at the gallery below and see how great it was during the picnic!

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