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JIM at the Palace. And you together with us

At the invitation of Anna Komorowska, wife of the President of the Republic of Poland, we were at the Presidential Palace for the summary of World Autism Awareness Day. Each of you was together with us. Yes, including you

We felt your presence all the time. Then, when the Chancellery officials made sure several times that JiM was already there. When they badly wanted us to necessarily sit at the front (we found it unnecessary). When we showed our film. And it included pictures from Warsaw, Olsztyn, Lodz, Poznan and Silesia. When Mrs. President said: "Ah JiM, yes I know, I admire Proud Moms and Proud Fathers". When we received an email from the Chancellery with thanks and words of appreciation for what JiM is doing and for the rapidly growing JiM Parents Club.

But above all, we felt your presence when we prepared our speech. You were with us all the time, but you could not hear it. That is why we cite it below:


Dear Madam President, Ladies and Gentlemen

Just eight years ago, somewhere in Connecticut, a boy named Christian was diagnosed with autism.

His parents and grandparents decided to establish a foundation. They named it Autism Speaks, or Autism Speaks.

They set a goal that on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, every year, the whole world should shine blue. To let everyone know how big and common a problem autism is.

It's only been a few years, and they succeeded!

Ladies and Gentlemen

This is the power of parents.

At the JiM Foundation, we also set a goal 6 years ago. That we would create a better world for children with autism in Poland. We can only do this in one way. By uniting parents, giving them strength and going forward with that strength.

That children have access to therapy and diagnosis.

So that they would be admitted to kindergarten. So that they could go to school, so that no one would throw them out for individual teaching at home.

That the world would be friendly to them. He was able to accept them with a heart, let them live normally when they grow up. He gave jobs.

Ladies and Gentlemen

April 2 - this is not just glowing blue. This is a very serious matter. On this day we fight for the future of children with autism.

The JiM Foundation has been shining blue for several years. But this year it made a special, huge effort. We organized events in five major Polish metropolitan areas. We put up huge blue bulbs with the inscription 1/100th One Child in 100, and gathered thousands of parents around them.

And we all danced together!

We wanted to show that autism is not the end of the world. That you can raise a child with autism and be a happy person.

We wanted to give parents strength. To those who are with us, in our JiM clubs spread all over the country. And those who have just entered the world of autism and are going through a difficult time right after the diagnosis.

We wanted to give strength to all these parents.

Because only through the power of parents, TOGETHER we can create a better world for children with autism in Poland.


That's what we said.

Do you feel now that you have been with us all along?

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