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KRS 0000127075
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Every child has a right to happiness

How do you measure happiness? Can you weigh them or give the result in degrees? Or is it better to compare them to something? Size, taste, smell, color? For the children your 1% helps, happiness is understanding, security and access to therapy. The joy that parents feel when their child begins to smile, when he says his first words. Happiness is normalcy and progress made possible by constant hard work.

See how little it takes to make a difference in the world of those in need - it's just one pen gesture on which so much depends.


Ruta is a cheerful four-year-old - she has two siblings and loving parents. Thanks to 1%, she can develop and live a normal life. Additional funds are invaluable help - they allow to finance rehabilitation, orthoses and equipment that makes it easier for the girl to function. 1% is a huge support, without which it would be much more difficult for parents to help their child. Thanks to you, Ruta is smiling and riding a bike. So little changes so much - do you see?


Learning at school and working at home are the daily routine of little Victor. Since he has been receiving therapy, he has learned to speak and read beautifully, is musical and enjoys cuddling. Wiktor's mother is happy that her child is very independent - if it weren't for the 1% funding, it would be much more difficult for them. Without the workshops and hippotherapy, Victor would still be closed in his world. Your 1% has changed the boy's life - thanks to you he is happier and fulfills his dreams.


All it takes is a few swipes of a pen to help children like Maja. The girl has an exceptional talent for language and a photographic memory. Thanks to after-school therapy, Maja has a chance for a better future. She develops her passions and acquires skills that expand her horizon of possibilities. For now, she is succeeding in her classes - she is getting better at communicating and expressing emotions. All this would not have been possible without additional funding from 1%.

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