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But eggs! That is, the JiM Foundation's Easter fair is now open!

Felt eggs, wooden bunnies, clay lambs or feathered cockerels - these are just some of what can be found at the JiM Foundation's Easter fair. All the holiday decorations were handmade by participants of the Occupational Therapy Workshops. This is not only a form of fun for them, but also rehabilitation.

Pleasant with useful

Making a decoration is quite an art. Making a single decoration takes from several to even a dozen days. The most time-consuming are items made of clay and wood. Here no one uses ready-made molds or semi-finished products! Wooden decorations are originally raw boards, on which a stencil must be applied, properly cut, sanded, and then decorated and varnished. Clay dishes are made in stages. First, they are given the desired shape, and then fired in the kiln (the first time at 900 degrees, the second at temperatures reaching 1,800 degrees!), after cooling they still need to be decorated. Felt ornaments, decoupage, hand-painted or woven decorations also require meticulous and thorough work.

It's not only fun, but first and foremost therapy and rehabilitation," emphasize the caregivers leading the workshops. Improving motor skills, working in a group, eye-hand coordination (the so-called hand-eye) are just a few of the elements they emphasize. In addition, there is also pride and a sense of a job well done when the decorations they have prepared quickly find new owners.

How does it work?

Due to pandemic restrictions, the fair is self-service. To buy an item of your choice, just bring it to room 012 and pay cash for it there. Prices start from a few and go up to a dozen zlotys. The money collected will go entirely to the participants of the Occupational Therapy Workshop. They will be used for Social Skills Training - that is, outings to public facilities such as cinemas, theaters, art galleries, museums, zoos, etc.


The fair runs every day until Good Friday. Handicrafts can be purchased Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm at the JiM Foundation headquarters in Lodz, 105 Tatrzanska Street.


About our fair became famous. This is how they wrote about us:


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