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JiM Information Points

What is the JiM Information Point?

The goal of the Information Points is to provide assistance and education wherever parents or caregivers of people on the autism spectrum need it. Stationary support is primarily further education and education of the environment in which children and people on the spectrum reside on a daily basis.

Volunteer Coordinators of Information Points are responsible for organizing meetings, trainings or lectures so that as many people as possible understand what autism is. Because only knowledge can build acceptance for our children and their families!

If you need help, are looking for support, want to increase your knowledge about autism come to the JiM Information Point.

What do JiM Points do?

They help Parents before and during diagnosis. Coordinators provide information on diagnosis centers, support during the process, and advise on what to look out for and what to keep in mind.

They conduct lessons on autism in schools, institutions and public institutions. Lessons can be organized at the request of parents of children with autism. They support in obtaining legal assistance and interventions. They organize trainings and workshops on the subject of autism. They work to increase knowledge among the public, including public services.

List of JiM Information Points

Do you need help? Contact the JiM Foundation's Volunteer Coordinator.
Below you will find a list of all Information Points with the email addresses of the Coordinators.

Norbert Orlowski
Magdalena Huba
Catherine Gabriel
Beata Kolodziej
Wioletta Grabska
Barbara Walendowska-Russek
Anita Lelonek
Anna Ejzemberg
Naklo nad Notcią
Katarzyna Jasinska-Spitza
Chelm Sl.
Jerzy Dłucik
Góra Kalwaria
Marta Górecka
Elektra Sliupkas-Dyrda
Starogard Gdanski
Joanna Witkowska
Tomasz Sroka
Anna Pius
Do you want to become a Volunteer Coordinator of the JiM Information Point?
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