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Horses, ice cream and tug-of-war

Beautiful weather, a unique place, great people - it had to go well! Behind us is another JiM Club Family Picnic for the second year in a row at the Hucul Horse Stud - Madaje Stare. It counted 150 people! Children with their parents, adults, volunteers, therapists supporting the organization of the event.

- I'm glad we are all TOGETHER," welcomed everyone, Tomek Michalowicz, our president, opening the picnic with Kasia Waliszek, coordinator of JiM Club Lodz.

Numerous attractions awaited all guests. Accompanied by Parents and volunteers, the children admired the beauty of nature, stroked horses, let off bubbles and played on the stud grounds. Grilled treats, fresh fruit and snacks awaited the hungry (not only for impressions). We burned extra calories during sports games prepared by gym teachers from JiM School, who squeezed the seventh sweat out of us! An obstacle course with prizes, tightrope walk, jumping rope and ribbon games awaited the children (and parents). The whole thing was topped off with a tug-of-war, which turned out to be the fiercest competition. For the youngest there was also a puzzle walk, during which kids collected badges. There was also face painting!

When everyone was overwhelmed by blissful laziness, we roused the company with cool water, which in no way cooled the enthusiasm of the guests J We admit, however, that the ladies with wet heads were not lacking!

Thank you for being able to spend such a wonderful time together! A huge thank you to all the Parents, especially Tomasz Popiel, for their special involvement in the preparation of the Picnic. We would also like to thank all the sponsors - Podpora Family Bakery - Sebastian Podpora, MAR.S Confectionery - Mariusz Swierczewski, Panda Company - Hurt Sp.zoo, REN Sp. z o.o. - ice cream and frozen food distribution, District Dairy Cooperative in Radomsko, Madaje Stare Hucul Horse Stud - Beata and Slawomir Gut , Eurocash Group. Thanks are due to all the volunteers who took wonderful care of the children!

Thank you and see you next year!

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