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Who is "Open to Autism"?

Why did we start the "Open for Autism" campaign? First of all, to show how important it is for our children to have continuity of therapy and to be able to enjoy the vacations like others. We wanted to tell how hard it is for Parents who are often left alone for two long months. And we succeeded!

During the campaign, we were joined by almost 100 establishments from all over Poland, which were also open to children with autism during the vacations. We received a lot of photos from you, showing how you spend your time, not only on therapy, but during excursions, art classes or playing together. We hope that thanks to the "Open for Autism" campaign, many more establishments will open for autistic children and their parents in the next vacations.

Almost 4,000 Parents participated in the campaign and supported our activities. We received a lot of messages that showed how hard it is for Parents of children with autism during the holiday months, how often regression occurs in their children.

The vacations are coming to an end, but we don't stop in our activities! Throughout the year we create a better world for people with autism, not just during the vacations!

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