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Lesson Autism

How to join?

If you are an educational or therapeutic institution, join the April celebration of Autism Awareness Day! Let's start education from an early age. By increasing knowledge and awareness, together we can build understanding and acceptance of people on the autism spectrum.

Lesson Autism

Especially for you, we have prepared 3 lesson plans aimed at students of different ages. Plan a lesson around April 2 and show your support for autistic people. Together, let's build a world that is friendly to all!

Download the prepared materials.

Share photos from Lessons in Autism

All establishments that get involved in the Autism Lesson can share their photo report. Please send your photos to and we will create a unique gallery from them!

Show that you are with us!

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Join the action Parent!

You too can get involved! Autism Awareness Day is an opportunity to increase knowledge of the spectrum in as many people as possible. By speaking out about autism, we increase tolerance among the public. Let as many people as possible in your city learn about it on April 2!

How can you help?

  • Inform a friendly educational or therapeutic institution about the possibility of downloading free materials for conducting Autism Lessons.
  • Download the materials for the teacher and present at a friendly educational or therapeutic institution.
  • Submit your facility to participate by sending its contact information to

Engage your educational institution

Many children and parents do not know exactly what the autism spectrum is. Ignorance breeds intolerance and lack of understanding. That's why we've prepared an Autism Lesson and scenarios for students of all ages, so they can celebrate World Autism Awareness Day with us. Tell your teachers and therapists about it!

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