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Are you diagnosing a child for autism spectrum disorder? A parent or caregiver approaches you with specific questions about their child's suspected autism?

Download the M-CHAT-R form, prepared by us in Polish version. M-CHAT-R is a tool, which was created to enable assessment of the risk of autism spectrum disorders in children aged 16 to 30 months. The research method of the M-CHAT-R tool is based on observation of the child's developmental regularities within the framework of social development and communication skills.

A proper diagnosis of autism made early in life, and appropriate therapy, has a key impact on the child's further development and later functioning. Very often the first symptoms of autism are not clear, which makes doctors ignore them. The M-CHAT-R tool makes it possible to refer to everyday life situations, the elements of which may herald a diagnosis for autism.

More information about the M-CHAT-R questionnaire and how to use the tool is available at

Note: Conducting the test on children younger or older than the indicated range may result in a false result.

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