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Mission and vision

Mission and vision of the JiM Foundation

The mission of the JiM Foundation is to build a better world for autistic people. A world where any person with autism can fully realise their potential. Why is this so important? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), autism occurs in 1 out of 100 children, which means that there are over 400,000 autistic people living in Poland. The spectrum, however, does not only affect this group – it also has an impact on the parents, siblings or caretakers of such persons, who make up a large portion of the society, approx. 3 million people. The JiM Foundation is doing its best to improve the quality of everyday life to autistic people and their friends or family.

How do we accomplish our mission?

We accomplish our mission by:

Increasing the availability of diagnosis and therapy

We conduct stationary and online training on autism, offer grants of the JiM Foundation and run the following organisations:

  • JiM Club, gathering caretakers of autistic people and adults with autism
  • JiM Clinic, JiM kindergarten and JiM schools

Building acceptance of autistic people

Education on autism contributes to improved public awareness of the spectrum as well as the needs and behaviours of autistic people. This helps in building understanding and acceptance. Different does not mean worse – we believe that propagation of knowledge about autism contributes to good relations between people with the spectrum and neurotypical persons.

We try to contribute to acceptance of autistic people through the LIGHT IT UP BLUE, POLAND education programme and public campaign, which is concluded on the 2nd of April – the World Autism Awareness Day.

Supporting adults with the autism spectrum

The situation of adults with autism in Poland is very difficult. After the age of 24, they are no longer eligible for further education, and they are frequently removed from the environment they know and feel safe in. There are no systemic solutions to meet the needs of adults with autism. We aim to change this – in line with our mission of building a world where any person with autism can realize their full potential. The advocacy campaign run by the JiM Foundation supports the development of systemic support for adults with autism and aims at improvement of their situation.

You can help as well. Already 1 in 100 kids has autism. Change their life for the better. Donate