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One-on-one teaching in school as well!

The Minister of Education has signed a new regulation on individual teaching. In it, she introduces a number of fundamental changes that also apply to children with autism

Many parents of children with autism - often forced by school and teachers - opt for individual instruction at home. Thanks to the new MEN regulation, such learning will not have to be a torment. It allows the child to be included in group work, and to end this form of study at any time and return the child to school.

The most important changes introduced by the new regulations:

1. in kindergarten and grades I-II, one or two teachers will be able to work with the child individually

(2) Individual teaching of a child will be able to take place not only at home, but also at school or other place of residence. Here comes an important caveat - as long as such a possibility is indicated in the decision on the need for individual teaching, and as long as the school has a suitable room. This opens the way for attempts to include the child in group work, which many parents of children with autism are fighting for

3 The number of hours of individual teaching will be flexible. It will be able to be higher or lower than the guaranteed number of hours - depending on the needs of the child.

(4) Individual teaching will be able to be terminated at any time at the request of the parent, provided that a certificate from the doctor that the child can participate in the group classes is provided. Until now, individual teaching was granted by the psychological and pedagogical counseling center for a specific period of time (e.g., for a semester or a school year), and it was very difficult to resign from it before the expiration of this term

5 The regulation also guarantees the child's participation in various forms of school life - such as celebrations and events - beyond the hourly limit for individual teaching

The Ordinance on Individual Teaching of Children and Youth has been signed by the Minister of Education, but has not yet been published. It will go into effect 7 days after publication.

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