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We did it! 1.5% from PIT instead of 1%

NGOs' tax deduction will be 1.5%, instead of the current 1%. The initiative was approved in the Senate. It has also gained approval in the Sejm. This is a huge change for those who benefit annually from the support flowing from 1%


The JiM Foundation has been talking about the need for change for a long time. We created a special petition on this issue, "No to taking 1% from the needy," which was signed by 25,000 people. This was the foundation's response to the change in regulations.

The personal income tax cut introduced by the government, or more precisely, the increase in the tax-free amount and the reduction in the PIT rate from 17 to 12 percent, were in practice to mean a reduction in the amount of funds donated to organizations as 1% tax. Nationwide, the loss in 2023 could amount to as much as PLN 200 million.

The 1% is used by millions of families every year to cover costs associated with, among other things, treatment, rehabilitation, therapy or the purchase of specialized equipment.

That's why the JiM Foundation was already making an appeal to remedy this. Eventually, our petition was signed by more than 25,000 people. And today we can happily say - we succeeded!

The idea of changing the 1% to 1.5% is to help compensate for the losses that PBOs would suffer under the Polish Deal. Additionally, it's a response to rising inflation.


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