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Disabled: housing for all

Today, on July 16, 2021, a meeting was held between Government Plenipotentiary Paul Wdowik and his colleagues and representatives of the community of people with disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum. We also attended the meeting.

The meeting was about housing. During the meeting, models of home communities, life farms, houses and assisted housing were presented.

The JiM Foundation presented its recommendations on the proposed housing program:

- so that, in line with the deinstitutionalization process, the designed solutions are more flexible and universal (for all), general - so that a variety of concepts and models can emerge;

- so that people with disabilities can decide for themselves: where they want to stay and live, what support services to use. If they need a lot of support and cannot make this decision on their own, caregivers will support them in their decisions.

In his statements, Mr. Deputy Minister was sympathetic to such a position: "I am not a socialist, in view of this I will certainly not impose anything on anyone." He assured, "I care about the freedom and subjectivity of every individual."

The team will now work on the program's general guidelines and standards, with another meeting on the matter coming up next week.

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