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Dear Club Members,

we are preparing the next, the seventh, edition of the JiM Club Magazine, which will be published in September. The magazine is created by you, sharing your stories and photos. So we are waiting for texts in which you show off your and your children's talents. You can send content to the following chapters:

  1. "Our Artists"-Yourchild has interests that you want to show off, such as likes to draw, paint, does puzzles, is interested in cars or dinosaurs? Send us a short text describing this passion. You can attach photos to the text.
  2. "Wonders, Passions " - want to boast about your own passion that fills your free time? Send us a short text in which you describe it. Also, we look forward to receiving photos.


Also share the results of your or your child's passion - for example, if you like to write poems, include them in the text.


Please send all texts and photos by July 30, 2020 to the following email address with your name, surname and child's name.

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