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KRS 0000127075
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Announcement of recruitment to the Consultation Team for the term 2020/2021

On 6.08.2020, the Board announces the recruitment of specialists for the Consultation Team.

Application deadline: 3.09.2020

Reference: ZK/JiM/20/21

For those interested in joining the Consultation Team, please complete the application form and add the following:

  • an up-to-date cv containing a description of courses, training and other forms of developing professional and personal competencies,
  • scans of your certificates, diplomas, recommendations, etc,
  • a brief justification of your desire to be a member of the Consultative Team.

Please inform your supervisor of your desire to participate in the recruitment. Management anticipates the possibility of interviews with selected candidates.

Date of transmission of the Board's decision on the selection of members of the consultation team: 10.09.2020.

Information about the selected persons for the Consultation Team will be communicated to all employees.

Before sending your application, please read the attachment. If you have any questions, please email

Appendix - download

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