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Open to autism during the vacations

At the JiM Foundation, we know how important it is for children with autism to have continuity in therapy and to maintain a schedule. That's why we remain open to our children even during the vacations. However, vacations at JiM look different than during the school year!

In addition to regular therapy, the kids are spending their time a little more loosely! Classes and books, have been replaced by visits to museums, art classes, playing outside and other activities. Teachers and therapists make sure that students get the most out of their free time. However, other activities are also therapeutic. Children with autism learn how to build relationships, become accustomed to new places and develop their passions. And there is no shortage of these!

Not even half of the summer vacation has passed, and the children of the JiM Foundation had the opportunity to visit the Lodz "Tube" Museum, the Museum of Cinematography, organized joint barbecues or sports competitions. Pupils and alumni were also able to see a small monkey up close, and later they were able to put their memories on paper and make unique artwork!

We are happy that our children not only spend their free time actively and are not forced to sit at home. What's more, we are also happy that children with autism also appear in public spaces. This allows others to see how wonderful people they are! We believe that it is only through such activities that we can build acceptance for all people with autism, and we do it not only during the vacations!

Thank you to our teachers and therapists for your creativity and commitment!

We wish everyone an equally successful vacation!

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